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2015 is the Year of the Nigerian electorate, Niger State has had a taste of bitter regressive leadership from PDP and will express their feelings at the pools during the gubernatorial elections. Come April 11 Nigerlites will sweep out PDP, which will be their message for ineptitude, bad governance and impunity inflicted on Nigerlites by PDP. For 8 years Nigerlites frantically reached out to Dr Mu’azu’s government (Which Nasko was an integral part), our demands were good governance, provision of basic amenities and financial answerability, the administration made mockery of our demands.

Niger State is too endowed with enlightened citizenry to be led by an administration whose presence is only seen on Billboards/Posters and Media. Niger State 16 Years of PDP rule has been an abusive relationship with the general populace. Umar Nasko will lose at the pools on April 11, it is nothing personal but a collective echo of Nigerlites desire for a new dawn.

Niger State has long been in the dark doldrums of PDP led successive governments which is among factors which have interplayed to sway the pendulum of the upcoming gubernatorial elections against Umar Nasko, other determining factors are :-

  • Antecedents that brought him as the flag bearer of PDP, being Governor Aliyu Babangida’s anointed (Is his biggest curse), Nigerlites see Umar Nasko not just as Dr Babangida’s stooge and also a sesame twin with Dr Mu’azu. With Umar Nasko, it will be a continuity of Dr Babangida’s draconic incompetency.
  • Nigerlites’ resolve for a new lease of leadership (Change).
  • Rave of APC’s Political invasion, the Niger State chapter of APC has made modest manifesto which the Nigerlites have willingly endorsed.
  • The era of election rigging is gone. Voter’s accreditation using the card reader is the best thing to happen to our electoral process, and is the greatest undoing of Niger State PDP.
  • PDP is rightly perceived as a malady, a disease that no one should associate itself. PDP misdemeanor in Niger is its downfall, endless years of rule nothing praiseworthy to show for.
  • Umar Nasko’s Campaign is based on manifesto of emptiness, not relying any message of hope to Nigerlites.

The presidential elections Umar’s Magama Local Government APC 20,761 and PDP 11,183. PDP lost by a margin of 9,578. At the Presidential elections, Nigerlites exemplify what the gubernatorial pools outcome will be. Umar Nasko has been at the fore of Niger State administration in the past 8 Years which he will ride on, his positions are as follows:- Chief Of Staff, Commissioner of Tourism & Culture, Commissioner of Youth development, Commissioner of Transport & Infrastructural development, Commissioner of Parks, Garden & Forest resources amongst others. Umar Nasko holds no political cloud, grassroots mobilization, to deliver PDP in his local Government, delivering the state is beyond his machination. The presidential elections was a rehearsal of the gubernatorial election, the outcome will not be different.

We had expected a campaign manifesto and message from Umar Nasko that has meaning, no it’s the same old PDP gobbledygook he has been demonstrating. One of Umar’s billboard, on the billboard its written “Umar the Water provider” after 8 Years of maladministration Umar has the guts to campaign provision of Water? It’s either he takes Nigerlites unwise or Umar is deluded. We expect a Governor with foresight, a leader who is in tune with the general populace’s longings, a candidate of substance talking about policies and outlines which will move Niger State forward, Umar Nasko does not possess any of those characteristics.

The ruination done by Governor Mu’azu’s administration is so rotten that Nigerlites identify PDP with ample disdain so much so if the opposition party (APC) field their party logo (Broom) as the flag bearer against Umar Nasko, the broom will win by a landslide, it’s nothing personal. In the spirit of fair play, I expect by now before the election Umar Nasko to reach out to Abubakar Sani Bello and conceive defeat even before the election.

Niger State has been reduced into a midget amongst league of States, the status of Niger is an abysmal humiliation to us Nigerlites.  Nigerlites are determined not to leave serious business in the hands of charlatans, a fraternity of financial pranksters who have no developmental philosophies. At this juncture Niger State needs a Governor with foresight, who can rejuvenate the state, assemble team of capable think-tank who will reposition the state out of the stagnation. Nigerlites expect the next governor to action key areas:-

  • Economy, Internal generated revenue (IGR) with judicious usage.
  • Health Care system.
  • Viable public private partnership (PPP).
  • Prioritize Education.
  • Our vast arable land is wasting, reinvigorate agriculture.
  • Niger Interstate road network is legendary appalling.
  • Infrastructure delivery.
  • Financial accountability.
  • Rural development is absence.
  • Provision of pipe borne water.
  • Trailer parks at Lambatta, Tagina, Bida, and Mokwa.
  • Workers welfare.
  • Employment creation.
  • Untapped potentials of Suleja neighboring FCT should be harnessed.
  • A complete reorientation and turnaround of Niger State’s fortunes.

Riding on a legacy of failure, Umar Nasko has been an active member of Dr Mu’azu’s administration of larceny. His candidacy is not just perceived as an elitist, with a dubious past but a person who is culpable in financial swindling policies which includes illusive 5 star Hotel (N500, 000,000 Spent yet site not cleared), $12 Billion bond (No project to show), $1.8 Billion loan for Madallah Market (No iota of work), fallacious Gurara falls project, illusory 3 arms zone. Niger State debt profile of N36 Billion at the end of 2014, Local Government pension arrears of over N9 Billion, and other debt burdens.

Come April 11, PDP and Umar Nasko will lose at the polls, it is nothing personal. 2015 is the Year of the Nigerian electorate, reasonable upheaval is at play. The era of political roguery has been dissipated, and gone with the Niger State PDP’s waywardness. Niger State will not linger at this perennial underdeveloped trend, the electorates will votes for a fresh start.





Salamu Alaikum Your Excellency, putrefaction is the status of Niger State which is a direct reflection of your administration’s maladroit, shenanigan and colossal failure of common sense. Your Excellency, appraising your 5 Years in office, there is a denial of human empathy when you assume Niger State is progressing because you globetrot the world via Private jets and helicopter, simultaneously there isn’t pipe-borne water in the taps of Minna, it is definitely brazen on our collective intelligence.Your Excellency; to err is human, to continue erring intentionally by depriving Nigerlites drinking water and other basic amenities for 5 years is inhumane Sir, can there be a reasonable explanation to this? (I await one). I am writing to advice you, in your hectic schedule of nothingness take 5 minutes and cogitate life-after-office, retribution of financial larceny awaits.

Before i go into the nitty-gritty Sir, you have bragged of increasing Civil Servants’ salaries, Sir there was an increment in the minimum wage by the Legislative, it was not your doing, again you go on naming places/projects after your nickname/sobriquet like it was funded from your personal savings. Sir, having collected N12 billion bond with nothing to show for, not even portable water, now You want to collect N30 Billion bond for some mysterious projects, the earlier bonds you collected we have not seen what it was used for (fœneratoris Caveat). Just when we assume Niger has hit rock bottom Dr Mu’azu finds a way of condescending us deeper.

Your Excellency, i have come to understand you and what you proffer to Niger State, an apprehensive despot, who hallucinates then denunciate oppositions as responsible for your failures (Passive–aggressive behaviour), Sir, i understand you and will put it to you, you are your own demon. But Your Excellency on the other hand does not get it, your Vision 3 20:20 gimmickry does not delude many Nigerlites of your ineptitude. The reality is that your mendacity fall on deaf ears, more like an obnoxious cacophony of a Vuvuzela.

Chief Servant, Niger state will dwell better if you channel our resources on people oriented programmes instead of lavishing our wealth on hiring writers to make rejoinders and flaunting your quasi, pseudo achievements (Empty barrels usually make the loudest noise). Sir, your vocal eloquence does’t stir me, your spit-and-polish projects are always on the pages of dailies never on ground, so let’s cut the chitchatting rhetoric Sir, your antics are that of an impressive impersonation of a nerve wrecked Ostrich that has planted its head straight into the sand.

Sir you don’t get it, your illusive Vision 3 20:20, translates to nothing to most of us.  Evidently Niger State dwell behind in the Health sector, after the Madallah Bomb-blast, the world saw the state of Suleja general Hospital. The world watched in awe Suleja Hospital without bed sheets, windows without mosquito nets, candles being used at night. Your Excellency, recently I went to Lapai General Hospital, there was no Doctor, I was told that there used to be only one resident Doctor and he was transferred elsewhere, and the Hospital was for 3 months without a Doctor as of when I went. Your Excellency Minna the State capital is the same as others in terms of Health, at the IBB Specialists Hospital; most patients go to the Hospital with their Generator sets. The IBB Specialist Hospital doesn’t have an incubator,Sir you don’t get it; while you go to India for treatment most of us rot in the Hospitals which your administration has woefully ignored.

Chief Servant i don’t get it, in your inaugural speech in 2007, you promised to complete IBB University Lapai and upgrade State Polytechnic Zungeru. Your administration’s profound perplexity has left the two institutions the way they were in 2007, not a single block has been erected since the inception of Dr Mua’azu’s administration. Your Excellency in an interview you claimed to have sold your car to send your son to a foreign university, Sir that was dignifying but you don’t get it, most of us don’t have cars to sell to send our wards to Universities abroad, and the Universities in Nigeria your likes are bent on making it impossible for others to attend. Sir Nigerlites pay a whooping N65, 000 for school fees, aside accommodation in IBB University, Sir when you attended school you did not pay school fees, and if then your parents were asked to pay such amount for a state university i bet you will be uneducated now, why deprive others that which you enjoyed?

Your Excellency under your administration 5 Years ago Niger State spent N500,000,000 on a 5 star hotel, till date the site have not been cleared. Burj al Arab took 5 Years to be built, seem ours will never be built. Sir, there is lack of objectivity with shady intentions when the administration claims it priorities are building a three arms zone, City center building with 23 storey towers, building new Suleja town at a cost of N84.3 Billion to mention a few, the irony is the administration can’t boast of constructing 100km of road network or provision of portable drinking water.

Sir the discovery of Crude Oil in Niger state, you give the impression the oil belongs to Niger State alone. The standard norm is to contact Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to issues Oil Mineral leases (OML) or Oil Prospecting Lease (OPL). So that any Company prospecting would be in a joint venture with NNPC. Land Use Act of 1978 and the Petroleum Acts of 1969 both vests the control and ownership of Land and Mineral Resources in the Government of Nigeria not to a State Government Sir.

By the way Your Excellency, you have expended unaccountable sums in achieving your childhood fantasy of climbing Zuma Rock, endless amounts have been drained in the name of tourism, how much has Niger State earned to this end? Let’s cut the pretense Sir, with the insecurity in Nigeria other countries have cautioned there citizenry against going to Nigeria, but again Sir can you frankly say you have taken your family on vacation to anywhere in Nigeria in the last 10 years? While you travel around the world, your itinerary does not include states in Nigeria, i just marvel how you assume tourism will thrive in Niger State where there isn’t good road-network?, maybe the tourists will teleport.

Your Excellency, after the air crash involving Governor Suntai, in an interview with Leadership Newspaper dated 5th November 2012 you claimed you are not Jet-Crazy. Flying around in between 2 private jets and helicopter, you celebrated your 57TH Birthday aboard a Private Jet, Sir were you lampooning Governor Suntai’s calamity? Seems you are in deficit of human Sympathy Sir, but remember you are not immune to Suntai’s fate in so long  as you won’t repair the roads and continue shuttling airborne.

Sir, since 2007 you have governed the affairs of Niger State from your Private House in Minna, to which Niger State government pays You rent. Now you want to renovate the Governor’s lodge for N123.5 Million, which you are not going to occupy, what is the rationale behind the renovation Sir?

Mr Chief-Servant you have an impressive farm, which will rival alot of National game reserves; with a lot of animal species, and the landmass is astonishing sir. What i don’t get is you were a career civil servant, never was a businessman, and you didn’t inherit the farm Sir, the question is where did you amass so much wealth to own such a farm?

Your Excellency, M.Halilu is not one of your aficionados (I am not naive, sorry i don’t fall for your theatrics); neither do I harbor a premeditated vendetta against your person like you do against people. Juxtaposing your loquacity and your woeful leadership, I am forced to decry your governance; I just hope your profound obstinate ego will admit failure. Sir, questions i have raised are rhetorical (Corruption answers them), no gainsay writing rejoinders but retrospecting your goons’ rejoinders to my last article, the names calling are uncalled for, i am yet to call you names not that you don’t deserve to be called sticky-finger or a grifter, i am yet to call you those. For further engagements I am at No 41/43 Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro.

As you bask in the euphoria of pettiness-self-gratification ensuing from delusion of grander, while you outperform your outrageous low standards, Nigerlites have gone beyond human elasticity of suffering and insult taking from you. M.Halilu and other well meaning Nigerlites have our eyes on the Financial recklessness. While you meddlesome interlope and delve in triviality, we and our future generation will not be debt enthralled because of your luxurious lifestyle. Sir i gathered you are nursing Presidential ambition come 2015, that explains financial delinquency in Niger, I wish you Good luck in your aspiration(s); Happy New Year Your Excellency.

Patriotic Nigerlite,


An Enraged Nigerian Praying For Jonathan


GOD PLEASE KILL JONATHAN NOW NOW .”–Felix Nwafo 12:11pm Jan 1

Coup Speech of Major-General Muhammadu Buhari, January 1, 1984

In pursuance of the primary objective of saving our great nation from total collapse, I, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari of the Nigerian army have, after due consultation amongst the services of the armed forces, been formally invested with the authority of the Head of the Federal Military Government and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is with humility and a deep sense of responsibility that I accept this challenge and call to national duty.

As you must have heard in the previous announcement, the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1979) has been suspended, except those sections of it which are exempted in the constitution.The change became necessary in order to put an end to the serious economic predicament and the crisis of confidence now afflicting our nation. Consequently, the Nigerian armed forces have constituted themselves into a Federal Military Government comprising of a Supreme Military Council, a National Council of States, a Federal Executive Council at the centre and State Executive Councils to be presided over by military governors in each of the states of the federation. Members of these councils will be announced soon.The last Federal Military Government drew up a programme with the aim of handing over political power to the civilians in 1979. This programme as you all know, was implemented to the letter. The 1979 constitution was promulgated. However, little did the military realise that the political leadership of the second republic will circumvent most of the checks and balances in the constitution and bring the present state of general insecurity. The premium on political power became so exceedingly high that political contestants regarded victory at elections as a matter of life and death struggle and were determined to capture or retain power by all means.

It is true that there is a worldwide economic recession. However, in the case of Nigeria, its impact was aggravated by mismanagement. We believe the appropriate government agencies have good advice but the leadership disregarded their advice. The situation could have been avoided if the legislators were alive to their constitutional responsibilities; Instead, the legislators were preoccupied with determining their salary scales, fringe benefit and unnecessary foreign travels, et al, which took no account of the state of the economy and the welfare of the people they represented. As a result of our inability to cultivate financial discipline and prudent management of the economy, we have come to depend largely on internal and external borrowing to execute government projects with attendant domestic pressure and soaring external debts, thus aggravating the propensity of the outgoing civilian administration to mismanage our financial resources. Nigeria was already condemned perpetually with the twin problem of heavy budget deficits and weak balance of payments position, with the prospect of building a virile and viable economy.

The last general election was anything but free and fair. The only political parties that could complain of election rigging are those parties that lacked the resources to rig. There is ample evidence that rigging and thuggery were relative to the resources available to the parties. This conclusively proved to us that the parties have not developed confidence in the presidential system of government on which the nation invested so much material and human resources.While corruption and indiscipline have been associated with our state of under-development, these two evils in our body politic have attained unprecedented height in the past few years. The corrupt, inept and insensitive leadership in the last four years has been the source of immorality and impropriety in our society. Since what happens in any society is largely a reflection of the leadership of that society, we deplore corruption in all its facets. This government will not tolerate kick-backs, inflation of contracts and over-invoicing of imports etc. Nor will it condone forgery, fraud, embezzlement, misuse and abuse of office and illegal dealings in foreign exchange and smuggling.

Arson has been used to cover up fraudulent acts in public institutions. I am referring to the fire incidents that gutted the P&T buildings in Lagos, the Anambra State Broadcasting Corporation, the Republic Building at Marina, the Federal Ministry of Education, the Federal Capital Development Authority Accounts at Abuja and the NET Building. Most of these fire incidents occurred at a time when Nigerians were being apprehensive of the frequency of fraud scandals and the government incapacity to deal with them. Corruption has become so pervasive and intractable that a whole ministry has been created to stem it. Fellow Nigerians, this indeed is the moment of truth. My colleagues and I – the Supreme Military Council, must be frank enough to acknowledge the fact that at the moment, an accurate picture of the financial position is yet to be determined. We have no doubt that the situation is bad enough. In spite of all this, every effort will be made to ensure that the difficult and degrading conditions under which we are living are eliminated. Let no one however be deceived that workers who have not received their salaries in the past eight or so months will receive such salaries within today or tomorrow or that hospitals which have been without drugs for months will be provided with enough immediately. We are determined that with the help of God we shall do our best to settle genuine payments to which government is committed, including backlog of workers’ salaries after scrutiny. We are confident and we assure you that even in the face of the global recession, and the seemingly gloomy financial future, given prudent management of Nigeria’s existing financial resources and our determination to substantially reduce and eventually nail down rises in budgetary deficits and weak balance of payments position. The Federal Military Government will reappraise policies with a view to paying greater attention to the following areas:

  • The economy will be given a new impetus and better sense of direction.
  • Corrupt officials and their agents will be brought to book.
  • In view of the drought that affected most parts of the country, the federal government will, with the available resources, import food stuffs to supplement the shortfalls suffered in the last harvest.

Our foreign policy will both be dynamic and realistic. Africa will of course continue to be the centre piece of our foreign policy. The morale and combat readiness of the armed forces will be given high priority. Officers and men with high personal and professional integrity will have nothing to fear.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria and all other holders of judiciary appointments within the federation can continue in their appointments and the judiciary shall continue to function under existing laws subject to such exceptions as may e decreed from time to time by the Federal Military Government. All holders of appointments in the civil service, the police and the National Security Organisation shall continue to exercise their functions in the normal way subject to changes that may be introduced by the Federal Military Government. All those chairmen and members of statutory corporations, parastatals and other executive departments are hereby relieved of their appointments with immediate effect.

The Federal Military Government will maintain and strengthen existing diplomatic relations with other states and with international organisations and institutions such as the Organisation of African Unity, the United Nations and its organs, Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, ECOWAS and the Commonwealth etc. The Federal Military Government will honour and respect all treaties and obligations entered into by the previous government and we hope that such nations and bodies will reciprocate this gesture by respecting our country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Fellow Nigerians, finally, we have dutifully intervened to save this nation from imminent collapse. We therefore expect all Nigerians, including those who participated directly or indirectly in bringing the nation to this present predicament, to cooperate with us. This generation of Nigerians, and indeed future generations, have no country other than Nigeria. We shall remain here and salvage it together.

May God bless us all. Good morning.



1929 the Eastern Nigeria witnessed a defiance of the colonial masters in repelling the direct tax regime. The Aba Women Riots 83 Years ago led by Late Mrs. Ikonna Enyia set the standards for future generations to be steadfast when negotiating.

January 2012 Nigeria was at a boiling point, the faith of Nigerians was placed with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC), to negotiate the reversal of PMS (Petrol) pump prices with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The outcome left Nigerians in consternation; a trait of treachery is attributed to the Unionists and their credibility (If they had any) gone with their deed. But maybe we were expecting too much from the Organized Labour who do not have a clear cut good intentions for its members and Nigerians.

Unionists world over have impacted positively towards realization of their countries’ greatness, some have even brought down draconic governments. A vigorous labour force is the springboard to a nation’s economic prowess, the working class are progressive partners with the government in power they also constitute the Government. An organization having members numbering millions, with membership cutting across all echelon of endeavors still lacking the fortitude to stand a Government’s bad policy, it’s either our Unionists do not know their significance or we have wrongfully been bamboozled. NLC/TUC quasi-activeness is sporadically on salary increment and when there is an increment in petroleum pump prices, but they do not lark with union dues. Forlornly the compass of organized labour goes beyond all those, theirs is to protect their members interests in terms of; I. Employment Process. II. Ensure decent working pay and condition III. Matters of Pension, secured after working years. IV. Ensure, lobby passage of favorable labour laws. And other matters that effect the interest of their members.

The Nigerian working class has been subjected to all sorts of appalling treatments, from those employed by the Government and also the private sector. Tales of woes are rampant in the Nigerian working strata; because of NLC lacking focus the working class is looked down upon, even foreigners operating in Nigeria relegate their staffs. Some recent notable cases of woes in Nigeria are 

Abia state Government fired some Workers because they are non-indigenes.

3000 staffs of Intercontinental and Oceanic Banks were sacked; some got their sack through Text messages; without their deserved severance pay.

3000 Airtel workers arbitrarily and indiscriminately sacked.

300 Dangote Pasta workers rough handled then sacked because they refuse to denounce membership of their in-house Union.

Dana Steel took over Katsina Steel and sacked some workers; the sacked Nigerian workers alleged that their jobs were being taken over by Indians, who are paid more than Nigerians.

 Polytechnic Kaduna sacked 1,200 workers under questionable circumstances, with non payment of pensions for 40 months. 

Asia Plastic Kano enslaving their workers. The workers work in deplorable conditions 7 am – 7 pm, no breaks allowed, work in chemical crammed factory without protective gears and are not permitted to form in-house Union.

February 2007 some firms operating in Nigeria owned by foreigners, some of their workers cried out lamenting their working ordeal namely;


Cway workers said they work under dehumanizing conditions meted out on them by their employers CWAY Foods and Beverage Nigeria Limited. They asserted they worked under the followings I. No Maternity pay II. No Workers Union. III. Work 7 am to 7 pm IV. No break and are not allowed to eat during working hours.


This is another firm that its staffs work under traumatic conditions which are,

Staffs work in Chemical filled environment without protective gears.

Locked in an Oven typed factory.

All staffs are employed as casual staffs.

Work for 12 Hours without break.

The Factory doesn’t have emergency exit outlet, which when fire broke about 30 workers where roasted.

The terrible status of NITEL/MTEL staffs.

AKS steel workers in December 2011 were sacked. About 500 of the workers were disengaged, forcefully ejected by area boys and OPC, without gratuity and benefits.

Mr Meriga Maaji of CCECC in Oct 2011 almost lost his manhood from physical assault by a Chinese senior worker of the company.

Slave labour treatment of Dangote’s Savannah sugar. 80% of staffs are casual staffs most have worked for more than 8 years but still remain casual staffs, work from 6am – 7pm and paid peanuts. 

Above are just an iota of cases of injustice suffered by the Nigerian working class, most of which NLC have turned a blind eyes on. Injury to one is injury to all; Solidarity forever, those are the slogans of NLC but NLC have abandoned its members when needed. “The protection of worker’s rights can only be guaranteed by the working people themselves through their organizations especially trade unions and working people’s political party… Otive Igbuzor PhD”. 


Frankly the Nigerian worker works amidst miserable conditions, in 1945 Dr Michael Imoudu led a 44 day strike by the Railway Workers which forced wage increase from colonial administration as reflected by Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) award. Decades later with a centralised union body NLC, Nigerians work under appalling conditions which is quite ironic because we are now under Democratic rule but yet NLC present is not felt. Some present day extreme concerns that need urgent attention includes;

Employment process in Nigeria is problematic. Jobs vacancies are advertised but with a requirement of 5-7 years working experience.   

Workers are engaged without appointment letter, some work for over 10 years as Casual Staffs.

With monetisation policy implemented no more Housing quarters for Government staffs, but the Housing allowance is not enough to lease an apartment for a year.

Construction Workers are transported in Containers, while their employers dare try that in other countries.

 Hoax pension system, pension is one of the biggest scam now in Nigeria. After working years, one languishes at the mercy of uncertainties when it comes to receiving his/her duly deserved pension.

 Civil servants fired by Political appointment holder which ought not to be.

In the financial sector, workers are given unreasonable targets. Out of desperation to meet the targets, girls/women are forced to corporate prostitution.

Workers healths are not guaranteed because some workers registered with the NHIS for years but don’t have their Membership card, and do not have access to treatment.

Expatriates are come in to fill positions where qualified Nigerians are available.

Expatriates are paid higher than Nigerian.

Non compliances of the Minimum wage.

After the January 2010 industrial action, pump prices of PMS was reduced to N97 per litre, after the meeting with the Federal government when the NLC leaders came out, the President of NLC Abdulwahab Omar in an interview said “the new price regime was a product of a unilateral decision without input from the labour negotiators, We however state categorically that this new price was a unilateral one by the government”. While Peter Esele the President of TUC said “the decision was accepted after a critical consideration of what was good for the country, stakeholders who were consulted on the issue agreed that the N97 pump price was just the beginning of moves by Nigerians to ensure that issues in the downstream were addressed” Hoodwinked by the contradictory statements of the Unionists leader, Nigerians look in awe trying to comprehend the logic behind NLC accepting the N97 price and Peter Esele’s nomination into the downstream committee (Belgore Committee). 1600 Palliative Buses were said to have been brought, with a population of 160,000,000 then 160,000,000 ÷1,600 = 100,000. 100,000 people are to share a Bus. But again the word Palliative is a word used for disaster hit areas or war torn country which Nigeria isn’t, again why not Palliative National Airline that Nigerians can fly from Sokoto to Lagos at N4, 5000 per trip? that is Palliative.  

 NLC has become like an appendix of the Government, debasing itself so much that NLC is in tantrums with the Government, and also the working class. During the January strike an affiliate of NLC, Road Transport Employee Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) denounced the strike action saying they are comfortable with the increment. In the same streak, during the January Strike some NLC of the South-East and South-South states were indifferent on the strike, the President was their brother and they said his action will result to sanity in the downstream, they are willing to make sacrifice for their brother who eats a N1 Billion food. Ironically in 1957 (28 years after the Aba Women riots) Mrs. Ikonna Enyia led her women league to the Eastern Nigerian Government of Enugu, where they protested against their brother Chief Nnnamdi Azikiwe. Mrs. Ikonna Enyia and her Aba Women group rejected the imposition of excessive taxation policy on the males, and to that effect the taxation was relaxed.  

At this age and time where Unionists in other countries are succeeding in supporting candidates into winning political seats, who will ensure favorable labour related laws are passed, ours is a tale of stereotyped clumsiness. The Nigerian working class is so mortified that even foreigners come to our country and treat our citizens with callousness, just because our NLC’s house is in disarray. The January 2012 strike was a wakeup call for NLC whatever horse-trading the leaders of NLC did posterity will judge them, but Nigerians have made their judgment which is never to allow rogues negotiate on our behalf. As Nigerians weep at the level of corruption in governance, NLC/TUC also joins in condemning corruption ironically their members perpetuate 70% of all corruption in Nigeria. Unconsciously Nigerians have suffered adversely from the misguided actions of unions within Organized Labour. From the sharp practices/the frequent inept strike actions of Oil & Gas union, to the menace of truck & tanker drivers and the Corruption of Civil servants whom all belong to NLC/TUC, sadly the Organized Labour attributes corruption to the leadership of the Government while their members abet Politicians in looting our treasury.

 The sweats and blood of past Unionists will never be in vain, their names will remain fresh in our minds, the likes of Dr Michael Imuodu, Wahab Goodluck, Baba Omojola, Ola Oni, Hassan Sumonu to mention a few. Men that fought Colonial administration, and stood their grounds against Military dictatorship for the well being of the Nigerian worker, and Nigeria as a country.  

There is more than demanding N18, 000 minimum wage, which the minimum wage is not implemented at all levels. From statistics, Nigeria has the lowest minimum wage structure in all OPEC countries, and basic amenities are duly provided by their countries except Nigeria. With N18, 000 salary and one is forced to provide Water, Electricity, Shelter, Transport, Health all with N18, 000? PMS pump prices were increased and NLC agreed to call off strike?  Section 14, Subsection 2b of the 1999 Constitution states that: “The Security and Welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.”  

Jan 3rd Mustapha Muyideen was the first casualty of the Protest against fuel hike, as many as 16 (Unverified) others were killed in various locations of Nigeria. NLC joined the strike on the 9th of January but claimed to have orchestrated the nationwide protest. Civil societies groups, well meaning Nigerians started shaking the country from 2nd of January within and outside Nigeria. NLC joined in, hijacked the protest and compromised the protest. 

Chairman of Joint Task Force Dipo Fashina who represented Civil Societies in negotiating with the Federal government after the meeting said “ the so called negotiation were full of blackmails and arm twisting and no mention of removal of fuel subsidy” he further enlightened that on the second day of negotiation with the Federal Government “ the President berated Labour for supporting his presidency during elections , and now turning against him to a nationwide strike” Dr Fashina who had insights of the strike, protest and negotiations asserted that “NLC was operating a half house”.

January 2012 Nigeria was grounded, the tsunami-type-tide protest started with civil societies and well meaning Nigerians who united without ethnic or religious affinity (OccupyNigeria), the protest shock Nigeria to its roots as corrupt entities retrieved OccupyNigeria gained grounds; NLC infiltrated and dissipated the movement. The first day of the protest in Abuja, security operatives arrested Dino Meleye, Martin Obono and others for protesting. Kaduna was brought to a standstill with veteran politician Balarabe Musa, Comrade Shehu Sani amongst the parade. Kano saw a massive turnout with a renewed bridge building strides where the likes of Bashir Yusuf and others reached out to Christians and Christians also paid back the kind gesture by shielding Muslims while praying during the protests. Lagos was exemplary, a total lockdown was witnessed, men and women of all nomenclature trooped out. South western states were agog and played their own part massively. The lessons for NLC to learn are, Nigerians out of patriotism sacrificed; without aforementioned coordination OccupyNigeria advanced. OccupyNigeria without a headquarter, without a singular leader had a tattered legion that had the guts to all embraces each other and challenge the Government. 

 In some quarters NLC claimed to have called off the strike of January 2012 because of the security situation in the country. Before the strike the security condition was already awful, the Federal Government increased the Pump prices amidst the bad security situation, then why attribute calling off the strike because of security reasons? 

Unionists were instrumental towards the attainment of our independence, and also in building Nigeria. NLC already has a written roadmap, implementation is what is required. NLC should be a grandiose alliance that Nigerians will look up to for the emancipation and defense of Nigerians; instead it has become a nuisance fraternity. During the reign of Olusegun Obasanjo, subsidy was removed on Automotive Gas Oil (A.G.O, Gas diesel) and Low Pour Fuel Oil (LPFO, black oil) and the proceeds of the saved money was to be used in renovating our refineries till date our refineries lay in redundancy state. NLC was part of that negotiation with President Obasanjo which resulted into a closedown of factories because the factories could not sustain the cost of AGO and LPFO and affiliates members of NLC were laid off. NLC membership twirl on all endeavors, NLC has the asset to ascertain all Government spending, and follow up on true state of policy implementation, but NLC would not. 

The Government has in the past tried to crush a united trade union, and still intends to hit the sledge hammer on them. While NLC stand at akimbo, currently there are moves to pass Bill on stopping NLC from any strike action, it’s a matter of time politicians in government will find a path to legislate laws that will subdue NLC. Come May 1st workers day, the NLC will celebrate workers day, an avenue for labour leaders to meet Politicians and demand stipends. May Day is supposed to be a day NLC reorganizes, and restrategize. “….first remove the plank out of your own eyes, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye (Mathew 7:5)” NLC is in the position to catalyst a new Nigeria, the pain of our past heroes shall never be in vain. Treachery at the helms of NLC is a stumbling block for NLC to attain its giant statue, Names like Omar Wahab, Peter Esele, and Pascal Bafyau will hardly be remembered. But with or without NLC Nigeria will forge ahead, with an army of enlightened citizens ready to OccupyNigeria Long live the federal Republic of Nigeria.